Getting Started

 1. Review all course content, viewable through the ‘Your Dashboard’ link at the top of the
Group Leader page.
 2. Familiarize yourself with the features on the training module pages, as well as the
Group Leader page. Short video tutorials have been embedded to assist you.
 3. Review all sample documents provided in the ‘Sample Document Library’ link, towards
the bottom of the Group Leader page. Feel free to customize any of these samples and
use them for your own purposes.
 4. Determine which company-specific documents pertaining to this topic you would like to
upload to this training program to share with your employees. Upload and share those
documents by clicking on the “Share Custom Documents/Communication” link on the
Group Leader page.
 5. Inform employees that they will be enrolled to participate in this online training
program and that their login credentials will be emailed to them.
 6. Enroll your employees in the program by clicking on the “Enroll and Manage Group
Members” link on the Group Leader page. Remember, you can enter your employee
information manually (one at a time) or create a master employee list and upload it
from a .csv file. Once enrolled, your employees will receive a welcome message via
email with their login credentials and directions for accessing the training modules.
 7. “Monitor the progress of your group” by clicking on that link from the Group Leader
 8. Reach out to us if you have any questions! We can be reached at