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Reference Checks

Reference checking feels like a lost art. There is misinformation and fear circulating around the risks of providing a bad reference and a belief that no one will tell you the truth. This free course is aimed at dispelling these myths and arming you with valuable information about who to call, what to ask, how to improve the validity of the responses. When the shoe is on the other foot and you are asked to provide a reference, we walk you through how to do that too!


Marijuana in Michigan

Marijuana is legal in Michigan, but does that mean that employers have to allow it in the workplace? The simple answer is no, but managing employees in this new era does require more specific policy language, testing protocols and perhaps another look at your pre-employment practices. In this free course, we explore the impact of legalized medical and recreational marijuana at work and how best to mitigate risk going forward.

What makes our online training courses

Online Human Resource and Leadership Training

HR Hazmat’s online training courses are not industry-specific.  They apply to everyone. Leadership, communication, and anti-harassment training are all essential for a confident, well-equipped organization.

Some of our courses include:

Our most popular course! Work your way through an introductory exercise and eight training modules that cover everything from foundational leadership building blocks, to improving employee engagement and development, to effective communication skills, to issue-spotting and difficult conversations, to risk assessment, documentation and termination strategies. This robust course includes supplemental videos, articles and templates to aid in understanding and enhance results!

In this three-module series, we explore how our understanding – and acknowledgment – of sexual harassment has evolved over time. We review definitions and how to tell what’s what. And finally, we focus on the role of business leadership in implementing effective and necessary policies for a healthy and safe work environment.

This training provides you with job description samples, template policy language and an invaluable questionnaire that you can use to develop job descriptions, determine the physical requirements of the job for ADA purposes and identify the key components for evaluating performance.

Carefully designed. Immediately implemented.

Through a series of online modules taken at your pace, on your schedule, you get the latest information on key HR issues.  Test your knowledge and train your team so that everyone’s on the same page. Each topic series is broken into a set of modules with built-in quizzes and/or customizable documents/templates that can be helpful for implementation.  Our compliance training on Preventing Sexual & Discriminatory Harassment includes the option to upload your own company documents to supplement the training material and track your team’s progress as they move through the online content.

Anti-Harassment Series Now Available!

It’s been in the news, it’s got its own hashtag, and it’s happening everywhere. Are you prepared with the tools and knowledge you need to ensure a safe work environment? In this training we differentiate between harassment AND inappropriate behavior, providing examples of each. Reporting procedures and anti-retaliation are discussed as well before ending with the role and responsibility of leadership in setting the tone and implementing company policies.