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Humans evolve.  So should your training practices.

Life moves fast in the digital age, and the way humans interact with each other shifts just as quickly. If you have to ask yourself if your HR practices and training are up-to-date, they probably aren’t. That’s where we come in. HR Hazmat offers online, on-demand training to assist with updates to your HR policies and procedures and skill development for your supervisors/managers. Knowledge is strength. A strong HR department and well-trained leaders means better business. You can’t afford to wait another day. Get started now!

Leadership Training Series

Our most popular course! Work your way through an introductory exercise and eight training modules that cover everything from foundational leadership building blocks, to improving employee engagement and development, to effective communication skills, to issue-spotting and difficult conversations, to risk assessment, documentation and termination strategies. This robust course includes supplemental videos, articles and templates to aid in understanding and enhance results!

HR 101: Practical HR Knowledge For Non-HR Professionals

Dive into the essentials of HR with our introductory HR Course, perfectly tailored for leaders who’ve unexpectedly found themselves managing people practices and/or HR responsibilities. Jodi Schafer, a seasoned HR expert, uses a conversational and accessible approach to guide you through the basics of employment law and the intricacies of recruitment, onboarding, performance assessments, workplace safety, and managing employee exits. 

Preventing Sexual & Discriminatory Harassment In the Workplace

In this three-part series, we explore how our understanding – and acknowledgment – of sexual harassment has evolved over time. We differentiate between harassment AND inappropriate behavior, providing examples of each. Reporting procedures and anti-retaliation are discussed, before ending with the role of leadership in setting the tone for a healthy and safe work environment.

What makes our online training courses

Online Human Resource and Leadership Training

HR Hazmat’s online training courses are not industry-specific.  They apply to everyone. Leadership, communication, and anti-harassment training are all essential for a confident, well-equipped organization.