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HR Hot Topics: November edition – Generative AI in the Workplace: Employer Responsibilities

Welcome to this month’s edition of HR Hot Topics with your host, Jodi Schafer. In our latest video, we’re tackling the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR, including an overview of President Biden’s executive order that sets new guidelines for AI.

HR Hot Topics: October Edition - Paid Leave and Earning Threshold Changes

Welcome to the October edition of HR Hot Topics! This month, we’re diving deep into two significant pieces of legislation that should have employers of all sizes on their toes.

HR Hot Topics – September, 2023: Getting Creative with Benefit Offerings

Welcome to the September edition of “HR Hot Topics” with your host, Jodi Schafer! As we embrace the fall season, it’s time to reflect on open enrollment and craft the perfect benefit plans for the upcoming year.

HR Hot Topics August 2023 - NEW I-9 and Verification Rule Changes

Hello Leaders, Welcome to August’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month we bring you the new I-9 form and we explore recent verification rule changes made to the I-9 process.


Summer Lay-Off

Q: I go on a two-week vacation every summer, during which time my staff either uses their own vacation time or, if they have none,

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The ABC’s of PTO

Q:  “I’m thinking of making some changes to my practice’s paid time off (PTO) policy.  Are there any best practices you can recommend or things

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