Preventing Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment in the Workplace

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Preventing Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment in the Workplace

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Hi, I’m Jodi Schafer, owner of HRM Services. We are a HR consulting company based in Williamston, Michigan.

As you can imagine, we have received an inordinate amount of calls lately regarding sexual and discriminatory harassment training for the workplace.  In the wake of #metoo and #timesup, employers cannot afford to sit on the sidelines anymore. We need to arm our staff with accurate information and provide guidance on what ‘appropriate’ and ‘professional’ look like in today’s work environment.  HR Hazmat was designed to do exactly that.

In this 3-part series, we explore how our understanding – and acknowledgment – of sexual harassment has evolved over time. We review formal definitions and then dive deeper using real world examples that help users identify the more subtle nuances and behaviors that can be problematic.  Finally, we spend time focusing on the role of leadership in modeling expectations and implementing effective policies and protocols for a healthy and safe work culture.

This online, on-demand training program can be completed in about an hour; digesting information in smaller segments or moving through it all at once.  Built-in quizzes along the way measure comprehension and provide documentation of completion.  Employers are able to easily register their staff and track the team’s progress throughout the course.  Plus, each series is customizable, so you can work in your company’s own policies for each area while we provide the framework of need-to-know information.

Don’t wait for an issue to show up on your desk. Register your team for training today.

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