I got my start in HR more than 15 years ago. Initially I was focused on staffing and recruitment, but it wasn’t until I got my first HR generalist role that I really got to experience first hand just how many balls I had to juggle all at once. You see, I was hired as a HR Manager for growing company that had never had a formal HR department prior to my arrival. The basic functions of payroll, hiring and firing were being shared among company leadership which meant there was very little consistency and no structure to build on.

So…I started from scratch. Which in hindsight was probably much easier than trying to fix a broken system. Needless to say – I learned a lot in a short amount of time. At times it felt like being thrown in the deep end of the pool. I was a department of one, so I just started grasping for something, anything, to hold on to so I didn’t drown. You can relate, right?

Human Resources and employee relations can be overwhelming. The rules are always evolving, what works for one person backfires with another, the priorities shift and change and then blow up (all before lunch)…It’s a lot. I know because I lived it.

I knew I needed resources and Google can only help you so much. So, I did the smartest thing I could have done – I ASKED FOR HELP. My boss put me in contact with an amazing HR consultant in our area, Toni Talbot, and I owe a lot of my foundational knowledge and overall approach to her wisdom and guidance. After a few years of working together, Toni became more than just my mentor. She became a friend. Eventually Toni convinced me to take my skills into the consulting arena and I began working for her part-time. I had a young family, a fulltime gig and a husband who worked long hours and traveled a lot. So, saying yes to Toni wasn’t a simple decision but I’m so glad I took on the additional workload!

Through consulting I found my true calling. I’m a coach by nature and my approach to HR has always been through that lens. I was wired to solve problems and it’s always easier to see a solution when the problem isn’t mine to own 😉 The distance provides me with perspective and my battle scars keep my advice grounded in reality.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to build my consulting career over the years and in 2013, it culminated with the purchase of HRM Services from my mentor, friend and boss, Toni. We had come full circle. Isn’t it awesome when life works out like that? My goal has been to grow our scope of influence and increase the accessibility of our services.

That’s where the idea for HR Hazmat came from. It’s a way to find answers to some of your most difficult situations in an on-demand, online environment. Learning on your timetable. That’s what it’s all about. So, take some time to explore the site and check back often. We’re constantly adding content to both the free and the paid sections. This platform will grow in accordance with our client needs and requests, so be sure to contact us if we can be of assistance in your journey!