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Welcome to HR Hazmat – Your Online HR Learning Source

Humans evolve. So should your HR practices.


Life moves faster than ever in the digital age, and the way humans interact with each other shifts just as quickly. If you even have to ask yourself if your HR practices are up to date, they probably aren’t. Which is where we come in.

Preparation is protection, and HR Hazmat is designed to help you prepare and update your HR practices so that you’re not just staying with the times – you’re ahead of them.

If preparation is protection, then knowledge is strength. A strong HR department means better business. You can’t afford to wait another day. Get started.

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Current Courses


Through a series of online modules taken at your pace on your schedule, you get the latest insights on key HR issues. Digest information in a user-friendly format, test your knowledge, customize the free templates and train your team so that everyone’s on the same page.

HR Hazmat provides opportunities for further learning and development on topics that our clients have asked to learn more about. The content on this platform is a direct reflection of your biggest pain points and it continues to expand! So, check back often for newly created modules and rest assured that each one will include key take-aways, customizable templates, additional resources and the ability enroll multiple users for shared learning.

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Stay Up-To-Date on Timely HR Topics Through Our FREE 5-Minute Monthly Videos

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Jodi Schafer is the kind of HR consultant you’ve been dreaming about. After nearly two decades in the HR world, with the battle scars to prove it, Jodi brings insight, wit, and tried-and-true strategies for navigating business’ most complicated arena: its employees.

Google can only go so far, so do what Jodi learned long ago – ask for help from a true professional. Let HR Hazmat guide you through some of today’s most daunting HR topics in an on-demand, online environment.

Jodi is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR, SHRM-SCP) and the owner of Human Resource Management Services. She sits on several statewide committees focused on human resource policy and leadership development.

How it all began…